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Hi, I'm new to this forum.

I'll start with the specs of my computer:

MSI 790GX-G65 motherboard
AMD Phenom ii x4 955 processor
nVidia BFG geforce gtx 260 maxcore gfx card
4 gigs of RAM (OCZ I think)
1 TB hard drive (not sure of brand)
and not sure of the brand of power supply or disc drive.

I'm running windows 7 64 bit and it is fully updated.

I've been experiencing issues with my computer since it was built. At first I was told that the problem was Vista, as the issues would persist after reformatting and updating drivers and etc.. So I got Windows 7 (the full version, I reformatted, I did not want the "update"). However, the symptoms continue.

Issues include:

20 - 40 minute average time to start up or shut down the computer. Programs will freeze up or "not respond" but usually eventually recover, only to freeze up again. Rinse, repeat. During games, I get about half a minute of non-freezing for every minute of freezing. It's like the computer has to spend extra time "thinking" even if all I did was move the mouse. Sometimes the start menu/task bar will freeze but the desktop will not--I can still hover my mouse over desktop icons and they will light up when clicked.

There have been a couple times where the whole computer froze and I was unable to move my mouse, but usually I am able to move the mouse. My computer always recovers, the freezing is temporary and yet it happens every other minute or so, sometimes more sometimes less.

Earlier today my computer blue screened during a particularly long start up, and gave me a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE message at the top of the screen. The number of the error was 0x0000009F I believe.

Other info:

AVG says no malware, and as these issues persist through re-format I don't think it's a virus. I suspect the issue to be either hardware or driver related.

I keep windows task manager open to monitor my CPU usage and often when most programs are freezing CPU usage is at 0% even though I am in the middle of surfing the internet or etc..

I ran the program from the recommended 7 times on each stick of RAM individually and memtest reported no problems found with my RAM.

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have
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See if anything here helps: DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE

When you installed, did you also install the chipset drivers for your motherboard?
I had to find the chipset drivers online because the disc that came with my motherboard was working oddly, and when I clicked the Chipset drivers selection nothing happened. (I have used this disc to reformat my computer in Vista and it worked fine then.)

Also a strange new option appeared under 'other', "CPU drivers", but when I clicked it, the program said the driver was "incompatible" and it would not install.

But yes, I did install the chipset drivers, got them off of MSI's website. I tried to find out more about the "CPU drivers" but couldn't find anything online.
I can't find anything either. In the AMD forums, there was one post stating that it wasn't needed.

Did you check the link I gave you? There are some other ideas there.
I'll try using Driver Genius like the link suggested and see if it gives me any new information about my drivers.
Also check into the suggestion about PACE InterLok

Let me know what you find.

So I talked to my boyfriend's buddy who is proficient in this sort of thing, suggested it could be the hard drive or my SATA cables. Ran a diagnostic on my hard drive (It's a 1TB Caviar Green) and everything came out fine. Switched out my SATA cables and it made no difference.

Actually, I ran the diagnostic a bunch of times, because, oddly enough, while the hard drive diagnostic was running, my computer worked fine.

I'm beginning to suspect the motherboard?

Also I reformatted again to make sure I get the drivers installed properly for sure this time.

I'll try PACE InterLok and let you know what I find.
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Take a look at this as well: Troubleshooting STOP 0x9F Error Messages in Windows

This really does seem to be a driver rather than hardware error. I've always been able to fix it either by updating drivers or removing the current antivirus and getting a new, better one. Norton seems to be a big offender here.
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