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It seems that i have fallen victim to this common BSOD error :[
and I'm not really sure where to go for this.

Ive been getting a few BSOD's recently, not rly sure what the cause is, but it always says

I know its related to tcpip.sys, because i checked the dump file and it mentions that file.

Unfortunately, its my first time using windows debug, so im not familar on how to use it.

I'm not really sure what to do at this point because this error is common and can vary in a lot of things, thats why i came here and registered to ask.

If I knew how to check the actual process causing it, it would be a lot easier :[

I saw a thread earlier ( and saw how jcgriff2 found the process causing the error. If only I knew... D=

anyways, Yea I'm pretty stumped right now, so does any of you mind if you can hit me up with whats wrong?

Thank you very much in advance! This error is very annoying...

Here is my dmp file:
(I only have one)

Compy Specs:
Intel Q6600
4gb DDR2 800
nvidia gts250
Linksys PCI wireless G adapter
Windows 7 64 bit

Also Note:
It always BSOD's when im on firefox or when im gaming, the thing in common is that they both need an internet connection.

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I'm suspecting your networking drivers here (due to tcpip.sys being involved).
Download new drivers (Win7 64 bit only) for your wired and wireless networking drivers first, then uninstall the old one's, then install the new one's.

Ensure that you get Windows 7 64 bit drivers. If there aren't any for your device, then post back for suggestions with the exact make and model of your wired and wireless devices.

Please note from the following list that both drivers are outdated:
RT2500.sys Thu Jun 01 10:39:06 2006
nvm62x64.sys Fri Oct 17 17:01:06 2008
[font=lucida console]
Built by: 7600.16385.amd64fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Wed Jun 30 02:06:48.860 2010 (UTC - 4:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:38:16.670
BugCheck D1, {1c, 2, 1, fffff88001876c1a}
Probably caused by : tcpip.sys ( tcpip!TcpBeginTcbSend+32a )

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Sorry for the late reply, summer school is keeping me busy at the moment..
I have a wireless adapter from linksys, WMP54G
There isn't any windows 7 drivers apparently, and looking at other forums I found the Ralink solution and im currently using that as an alternative.

I'm assuming that in my position I would have to downgrade to XP or purchase a new wireless adapter to eliminate this problem?

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RaLink has Win7 drivers for a lot of these devices ( ).
Despite that, I cannot recommend the USB devices for wireless networking - we experience too many issues with them on the forums.

I recommend that you get a Win7 compatible internal wireless card (the antenna will stick out the back of the computer). They are more reliable, have better transmission speeds, and are easier to work with.
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