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driver update help

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Any information on drivers for printer

Good Day!!!! I have a Compaq a900 all-in-one printer,
'printer, scanner, fax, copier" the drivers on the disk support up to windows 2000, I am currently running xp, can anyone give me some ideas on wherew to find drivers to support xp. I have tried to update the drivers and no luck, went to windows but no update there either.UM possibly no drivers available but would like some help. THanx for any help.
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I didn't look well enough on the site, but I did a help post on windows xp forum for drivers for my printer, please if you would read it there. thanx
hello 1badbuckeye, thanx for posting...
please keep questions about one topic under one roof...that way we can work on your problem more efficiently....have you tried using win 2k drivers ? they might work because both are build on the same kernel....
Thanx for the reply merlin,

I went to compaq site and the only windows it supports is, win 95, win 98, and win me, would win me be and update to win 98,
the printer was bought in 1998.
Try Driver Guide .

Has Drivers for all O/S's. Easy search feature also.
thanx for the replys and all is well, you have been a great help.
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