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Drive is in use by another program

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Dear Sir,

I will appreciate very much your support to resolve the following problem on my Laptop.

Each time I try to import video file recorded on DVD by a Sony DCR-DVD 710 camcorder and using its appropriate software "Import Media Files", I'm receiving the following message "The drive is in use by another program".
This error appears by importing file either from the DVD drive or from the Camera connected using its USB cable.

I tried to disable most of the startup programs in the msconfig, with no result.

Laptop used: HP EliteBook 8540w workstation
OS: Windows 7 Professional.

Thanking you previously for any help,
Best Regards,
Chady Nasr.
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Have you tried uninstalling the Sony software from your system?
Can you import manually without the software?

If you still can't do it, then try downloading a fresh copy of the Win7 software from the Sony website and installing that.
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