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Dr. Watson error

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Bit of a unique situation here. We have a video switcher at work (basically a giant, realtime video effects processor--I work at at TV station)...the menu system runs on Windows NT.

We recently upgraded the software, but ever since Dr. Watson keeps popping up with an error and shutting down the 4 or 5 times a day. Here's the error message:

An application error has occurred
and an application error log is being generated.

Exception: (0x000008f), Address: 0x77f1d479

When this happens, we simply restart the program and go about our business...nothing serious, just annoying. Any ideas what this may be?

This piece of equipment isn't used for anything else, it's not even hooked up to our network nor the internet...if we can't figure out the problem, would it be a bad idea to simply disable Dr. Watson?

I'm new here, so please let me know if you need more information, and I'll see what I can do...thanks!

Troy Christensen
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I would just disable it. Take a look at this article for some direction.

Will disabling Dr Watson stop the program from crashing? Or will it still crash, just without giving the error pop-up?
It might..... If it is causing the problems this should remedy it. If there is an underlying issue causing this it will need to be addressed as well. Have you checked the Event Viewer for any indications of the cause?
Well, disabling Watson won't stop the crashes (nor is Watson causing them). Dr Watson just intercepts them and writes a memory dump file of the program's state at the time of the crash so that the vendor can debug it and determine the root cause.

I assume Kalypso is the switcher/titler?

Have you talked to the vendor about a software update?

Here is the definition for that error code in the Windows headers.

# The system cannot join or substitute a drive to or for a
# directory on the same drive.

I have no idea what this app is doing that would cause that offhand. I'd start with the vendor.
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yeah, i discovered yesterday disabling Dr. Watson didn't keep the program from only crashed once instead of 5 times, but it still crashed. getting a floating point error somewhere, but i'm don't know enough to know what that means exactly.

i'll e-mail the vendor...they may have a patch by now. this *was* the software update...i understand they're working on the next version due out this fall, so we may have to deal until then. :sigh:
I have this error on 2 Kalypso menu panels.
Did you ever resolve your problem?
Mine occured only when upgrading to Kalypso V14.0.1.9
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