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Does this monitor support high-definition?

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I would like to be able to experience Half-life 2 in HD, but I'm not sure if my monitor supports HD. When I first set the monitor up I set it to non-HD, because it gave me a warning saying, "Setting HD on, with a monitor that does not support HD, could damage your monitor." Now I would like to know if I can go back and set it to HD.

I have a Princeton 19 inch monitor with these specs:
19" Color Avtive Matriz TFT LCD
16 Million colors
SXGA 1280 x 1024 Max. Resolution
High Contrast/High Brightness

The box doesnt say anything about HD, so I'm scared I could damage my monitor.
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Doubtful. But what is the model number?
Yes. That will support 720p picture if you are watching HD movies. It is not widescreen, but you will still get 720p resolution. As for HL2, you will be able to run at at up to 1280 x 1024 resolution. Keep in mind, though, that how high the resolution you can play in will depend on how good your graphics are. I have a WXGA screen (1280 x 800), but games are only playable at 800 x 600.

Just for reference:

480p = VGA resolution
720p = WXGA HD resolution
1080p = WUXGA HD resolution.
The model number is VL1918.

Yes, I run HL2 at 1280 x 1024. But what about HD?
(I have a GeForce Evga 7900GT by the way)

And what is 720p picture?
That monitor will run it at 1280 x 1024, which is HD. The 7900GT should handle that just fine.

720p is standard HD, which is 720 x 1280. This resolution is common on most HDTVs.
True, common HDTV currently is 720p. However, 1080p is where things are going, which is 1920x1080. Your monitor will not handle that. Just beware of what type of signal you're getting. As far as damage, I don't really know about that, so I guess I'll take their word for it.
You can really only damage a monitor by using too high a refresh rate or by hitting it with a hammer :winkgrin:. Using a resolution higher than a native monitor isn't harmful, it just doesn't look as good.
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