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Do you think this laptop has a dead CPU?

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I have a laptop which does the following when I press the power button: The power LED lights up, the LED for my harddrive and CD drive show some activity for a second or so, the fan is spinning... but then nothing more. Nothing appears on the LCD screen, and there's no more activity from the drives. The fan and power LED remain on until I switch it off.

I hope some computer experts out there can give me some troubleshooting advice. I have a feeling it's a damaged CPU, because the problem started when the laptop shut down in the middle of running a CPU intensive video game. I removed the CPU from the motherboard, and when I press the power button, the laptop behaves in exactly the same way I described above, however the power LED isn't lit. Does this suggest anything?

Do dead CPUs heat up when a computer is switched on? This one does. Does that suggest it's functioning fine?

If it does seem likely it's the CPU, i'll try to buy a replacement. My laptop is an Acer 233XC, which has an Intel 845GL chipset and it uses a Mobile Intel Celeron 2Ghz processor (SL6QH) Is there a better CPU available which is compatible with my motherboard? Should I stick to replacing the CPU with the exact same model?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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when you put the cpu back in did you clean the old paste off and apply a new coat
when you put the cpu back in did you clean the old paste off and apply a new coat
Hi Dai, no I haven't, do you think it may be shutting off due to an overheated CPU? But is there a chance that a laptop turned on in a cool environment would function for at least a moment, may be a few seconds until the bios screen appears?
every time you disturb the cpu and heatsink you have to renew the paste it can o/heat in the blink of an eye
do that first and see where you are at
dell laptop inspiron 1405

Just info for you. I just purchased a new laptop and had it all setup and installed a printer when suddenly it went dead a beep-beepbeepbeep and alght whire everytime i tryed to pwr on.
Since it has full warrenty I called dell since it is a present for grandson and I needed it fast. They took control of unit and upgraded the bios and all the latest drivers. Seems as tho dell has a good system going if you can afford the maintenance fees. Hope this helps or maybe points you in a different direction???
with dell i think it depends on where you are located as to the quality of service
there are a quite a few not so happy here with it
Hi all, thanks for the info clyde76. This laptop is out of it's warranty period unfortunately. There's no beeps at all when I power on. Glad to hear you got yours fixed quickly just before Christmas!

Yesterday, I ordered a cheap CPU (slightly lower spec) to try out my dead CPU theory. If it doesn't work, then i'm going to assume it's a motherboard fault which is pretty much the worst case scenario. Maybe i'll make some money back by selling it as parts on eBay?
I would also check if you get a picture on an external display. There might be a problem with the monitor or IGP. If it is a problem with the IGP, then you might have to get a new motherboard, which would probably cost more than a new laptop.
I remember trying connecting it to a monitor, but nothing was being displayed. Does it need to boot in to windows before I press the key combination to output to monitor?
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