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first of all English is like my third language so sorry for the weird wording

so my cousin has this old Acer pc function ok for what are they using it just working with office and printing nothing more really so what happen has me kind of confuse

so they have this printer Epson xp-401 and normally they print for wifi and everything function OK. but for the last 5 months they're were having problems with the wifi(blame the provider) so they decide to use the USB cable instead and something weird starts to happening.

they are printing some documents and then the screen become white with vertical color lines and you can´t see nothing or do nothing and just disconnecting the power cable or the VGA just do nothing or make it worse so the only way to fix it is restarting the computer and the computer function OK
but the weird things is that this continue to happened 3 things more and ONLY during printing

1. is not the monitor or the cables because i test then with other pc an all is normal

2. is not a driver because i try to use and older version thinking that maybe was a problem with a new version but is the same whit both new and old

so why decide to put the printer to wifi again and surprise the error has not happen again??

I'm crazy what was that?? maybe a electric thing?? I'm really lost with this
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