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Do I really need a new power supply??

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Slew of Questions

I own an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe... had some questions...

1) ***Anyone constantly reading bad data for files larger than a megabyte using the nForce network adapter?***

I have to download some files 3-4 times before I get them without CRC failures. Anyone seen this and know what the problem is? I'm using the latest driver ( and I've used the cables hundreds of times before without any problems.

2) PC Probe Application: How do I read the Voltage Monitor? Does it tell me anything about amps and whether or not I need a new power supply?

3) Finally, anyone's computer completely freeze when using the Marvell network adapter with driver version and accessing too many connections? This was happening on my computer and after finding it on a post I updated the driver. With the new driver I'm not freezing but connection is goes in and out a lot. Better than a complete lockup though.

Much thanks if you can answer any of these!
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I've got a semi-new 20-pin Antec TRUE430 ATX power supply with specs:

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Question, do I really need to go out and buy a 24-pin ATX power supply?

Here's my current system specs:

* A8N-Deluxe using CPU Fan and 2 on-board Case Fan Connectors
* AMD 3800+ X2
* 2 Memory Sticks
* 2 IDE Drives
* 2 DVD/RWs
* 1 SATA
* 1xGeforce 6600GT
* 1xPCI Card (Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS)

The 20-24 pin difference got me a little nervous but honestly I think its probably a waste of money to buy a new one. And no, I will not be adding any new items in the near future so take this is as the final set.
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check your power requirements here
add 30% to the result
you can either use a 20 to 24 pin adapter or put the 20 plug in with the latch on top move it to the right
I strongly advise you get a stronger PSU / a 430 watt PSU does not really put out 430 watts !! read the specs on REAL output ~~ 400 watts maybe
Dont forget good quality PSU's are only 70% efficient / by this I mean the 70% mark of their true capability is what the PSU is able to deliver for optimum clean non erratic power !!

An SLI motherboard is a real power hog capable of doing some serious video tasks / I would urge you to buy the PSU linked below / you could sell off your old one on ebay for about $60.00


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Is it still a power hog if I'm only using one video card?

BTW, would a stronger power supply have any ability to lower temperature on CPU? Right now my CPU runs at 40C on low and 52C on high load... Does that seem a tad high to anyone? Its an X2 3800+ and heats up VERY quick while the system temp stays low.
temps ok for amd check your requirements from the link i posted

what are your antispy/virus defenses in your system

you never listed your ram specs also

post back

Dai gave you a very good suggestion and a link if you are hesitant about upgrading your PSU ???

Your dual core processor (X2) uses more more than a P4 processor which uses 85 watts all by itself !!

You temps as stated are acceptable, I personally am a cooling freak so I strive to get my system as cool as possible, I dont use stock cpu coolers, I have three 120mm fans in my system thats why I insist on using a full sized server tower for increased access and air flow / mid towers as work well I just like overkill on air and air flow /

If you were using two video cards I could practically guarantee you would be getting crashes (BSOD) from low voltage.


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I'm using Norton Antivirus. Also, my Ram specs are 2 x 1 Gig PC400 DDR.

I think I'm going to go out and get a new PSU, just to be safe. I'm also thinking of getting an XP-90 since the temps are a little high for my taste.

BTW, another random problem I have with network cards! The onboard Marvall randomly crashed my system, which I traced to a bad driver, while the onboard nVidea card often downloads corrupt data leading to CRC errors on large files. I then tried installing my older 3com PCI card but received MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION anytime Windows tried to use the device.

Would any of these errors be caused by a weak power supply or am I just suffering from Asus's faulty board? I'm tempted to say the board is defective, but I've seen similar issues posted elsewhere.
So I did end up installing a new power supply (I buckled under the pressure) and you guys were all right, its runs much smoother, doesnt have as many problems. The motherboard seems a hair less flakey now.

I even got an XP-90c and can i just say those things should be required with all X2s! The processor was runnign WAY too hot with out one and now I can overclock a 3800+ X2 to a 2.2Ghz and still run lower than I was without the XP-90Cc. I love the thing!

Temps with stock Sink: 41-54 C
Temps with XP-90c: 33-42 C
Temps with XP-90c overclocked 10% to 2.2Ghz: 35-43 C

As you can see, a definite improvement that I can be running overclocked with load and still be at the low end of where I was with the stock fan. I could overclock more but why be greedy.
Just food for thought ??!!

Overclocking for your machine is an absolutely useless venture that generates totally un-needed stress even if the stress is miniscule !!

there is no way you can run ANYTHING game / autocad rendering / video editing NOTHING that can bottleneck your dual core cpu at factory rated settings !! so therefore overclocking for you is a waste / its fun to experiment but you have a high dollar system and to put the petal to the metal for no reason makes no sense ??? its like constantly burning the tires on a new BMW .

enjoy your beast glad to hear you have it running well ~~ you have made some rock solid component choices = your cooler has no equal other than water.


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PCUpgrade19 said:
Is it still a power hog if I'm only using one video card?

BTW, would a stronger power supply have any ability to lower temperature on CPU? Right now my CPU runs at 40C on low and 52C on high load... Does that seem a tad high to anyone? Its an X2 3800+ and heats up VERY quick while the system temp stays low.
Dude, my 64 3200 runs those temps w/stock cooler and I've never had a problem from CPU heat. That's about avg for AMD. Equivalent P4s just go up from there.


I am very pleased to hear your system is running better !! Thats is one kick ~ss machine. What a temp diff with the XP-90C impressive for sure / I know guys that really polish their cpu's ( they have ruined them too !!) to perfect the surface looking for a 2-3 degree improvement in cooling / you improved yours remarkably / you will notice the cooler you keep your cpu the faster it will run and more stable too !!

My last suggestion is abandon the onbaord LAN and go for a new top of the line 3com network card (wireless even ????) Our network tech at the office doesnt mess around with the onbaord lan's whatsoever / if they so much as burp / he disables them and installs a good quality new version 3com card (he gets paid by the year / not by the hour ) and we seldom have any flaky issues / the onboard either seems to pass or fail ?????? dont know why ????

regards / joe
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