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DLL Error

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When I open Internet Explorer, I get the following error.
An exception occeured while trying to run ""C:\\WINDOWS\system32\br_rt.dll" DllVerify".

As a result of this my computer is running really slow, and I'm only able to open one Internet Explorer page. How do I fix this? Thanks so much.
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There's no such file on my XP and its a new installation.

Can you press Winkey+F and paste br_rt.dll into the search filename section that appears. Then under "lookin" click browse from right at the bottom, and navigate to C:\WINDOWS and press OK. Click Search to begin the scan. Let us know what you find and be sure to make a note of all of it including its path (location address).

Note: Winkey has the windows logo on it near Alt.
Found very little info on this DLL but it does appear to be some type of browser add-on. Run a full malware scan (with updated definitions) in safe mode. Delete anything it finds, reboot and test.
Yes, if its there run something like Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE, after updating their definitions.
I found it. It is in my system 32 folder. How can I get rid of it? I'm updating my Spybot Search & Destroy. Hopefully that will help.
How did you find it? With your scanners or manually? If the former then tell that program to delete it for you.
I found it Manually and deleted it. My computer is running a bit faster now. Although, I can still only have one IE explorer page up at a time. I'm scanning with As-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy right now incase there is something holding it up. Thanks. I really appreciate all of the help.
You need to exercise a lot of caution when manually deleting things. You could end up deleting something that the system needs to run. Better way is to move the file to another directory and see how the machine runs. If it's okay then delete it after a couple of days.

Note: You are best to run the scanners in Safe Mode. That way you only have the essential files to run Windows loaded and don't get the "file in use" type errors when trying to remove them.
How do I delete the file

I have the same problem with the same file. I believe it is spyware but I am having difficulty opening IE to download the extra spyware to delete it. Did anything negative happen when the file was deleted? How would I move it somewhere else. Where could I put the file?
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