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Distorted sound, sound card problem.

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Recently I have been having a problem with my sound card. There is a distorted sound coming from the speakers, and in order for me to fix the distorted sound I need to unplug the speakers and plug them back in.

A while ago I uninstalled my SoundMax Integrated HD Audio card and loaded the regular "HD Audio Device" soundcard. I now realize that was a big mistake and I'm trying to figure out how to get my SoundMax card back. I have a feeling that if I can figure out how to get that card back my problems will be fixed.

Whenever I try to scan for new drivers it just says that the "HD Audio Device" is the only one and that it is up to date. But I KNOW this is not the case. I have looked on google and everything for SoundMax drivers and I have tried uninstalling the audio device and reinstalling, and still the distorted sound happens.

Hopefully I have explained enough for you guys to help me out. If you have any questions about my question feel free to ask :).

Thanks in advance.
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Typically with SoundMax you need to get those drivers from your pc manufacturer.

You didn't mention what your computer was but if you go to their website and enter your model # you should be able to download drivers. Same applies if you have a custom build. Just go to your motherboards manfacturers site.

Just curious, what do you mean by "loaded the regular "HD Audio Device""? Where was this showing up? How did you get drivers? Do you have an add-in soundcard (like Creative)?

Was this to get sound working with Windows 7?


Under device manager it would say "HD Audio Device" and the sound worked perfectly with windows 7 before I uninstalled the SoundMax. I fixed my problem minutes after this post too. In device manager I chose "Find blah blah myself" I think you know what choice im talking about.

Well when I looked for new devices from a list, Soundmax showed up. But it wasn't showing up before. I believe it has something to do with me going to ASUS website and finding the most up to date files for the vista drivers.

Normally I would've just used the cd that came with my motherboard but I recently moved and when you move things tend to just walk away from you. Things you REALLY need.
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