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Hi All,
The problem I am describing has happened for the second time.

--Any images i am opening on my Armada M700 Laptop is not crisp and clear.(Attaching one of the image)

--While Internet browsing All the Jpg , Gif .... images are totally blur. When I am opening Orkut, the all the photos are so blur that cant make out them.

Imp1: - First time it happend 2 months back when virus entered in my system and it became dead slow. What I did was, I did System Restoration (Windows XP Pro), before the date virus entered, and the system became stable, but the images become blur as I have explained above.
Then I installed Avira Antivirus and did ful system scan. Around 1000 file was infected and were deleted from my system and the system became very stable in all respect. (NO More BLUR IMAGES)

Imp2: - Very recently I deleted some registry entry andbecause of which the Windows "Help and Support" was not getting launched. Again I did the System Restoration before the date registry entry was deleted.
This time Windows "Help and Support" started working but again BLUR IMAGES!!!!!!!!?????

Now I ran Avira Antivirus but no lick till now.

Please help me if some one knows this problem and how to resolve it.

Thanks and Regards


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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