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display resolution help?

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Alright, heres my problem. I'm running Windows NT 4.0. Ok, now heres the problem I'm posting about. I don't know what I did if anything but I logged on today and my resolution is shot to hell. It appears I can now only run in 16 colors and 640 X 480 pixels whereas before I could run in true color and some some number in the thousands of pixels. I've tried downloading some drivers and installing them, but they didn't do anything. Obviously, I'm not very pleased about this, because besides looking ugly ( I can barely read these words I'm typing) there is now a bunch of stuff I can't do. I'm not too computer literate when it comes to this sort of thing so I don't know what to do. If someone could please help me get back my former display capabilities, I would be eternally grateful.
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what happens when you change it to 800x600?
It tells me that I can't because the number of colors is too small. (And currently I only have access to 16 colors).
It sounds like you need to re-install the video driver for your specific video board.
Where can I find a driver for my specific video board? ( I don't even know what my video board is).
Well, first off, you have to identify the video board. You may have to remove it from the machine to find out the brand/model. After you have identified the video board, you can go to the manufacturer's website and download current drivers. Of course, we can help you with your ID or locating them when we know something about the board in question.

When you pull out the board, copy down ALL the numbers and text on the board that could possibly be a model number. Also, the numbers and text on all the large chips...
With much trepidition I managed to open my computer, take out the video card, and extract the following information:

Largest chip on the board:

Rage pro Turbo AGP

Smaller slightly elevated chip:


There was some more text on the board but none of it seemed relevant.
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Rage Pro Turbo AGP

This appears to be the page for drivers for your board, take a look. In any case, ATI is where you should be looking, that's who made the chipset on the board.
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