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Display help required!

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After formatting my hard-drive after some sound problems I have re-installed windows 98. Everything is ok exept my display! I can only set screen resolution to 640x480 and 16 colors!

I know I must need to download a driver or display adapter or something but what?!

any help welcomed!!

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hello tino , welcome to the TSF...
do you know if you have a video card installed or is video coming directly off the motherboard ? If you tell us what you have, we can help you with what you need to download.

Please let us know...
Yea I have not got a video card, running off the motherboard. I have a 'tiny'pc :no: Intel Pentium III, 256MB RAM, Win98se.

Would it be an Intel Chipset I need? :confused:

it might be intel or no...for example, one of my "beater" machines has an intel motherboard and s3 video chipset...did you build your own PC or did you buy it ? if you can, you can post a brand name and we can look it up for ya ....
Well It was bought from 'tiny' in Oct 99. Since then though tiny have gone bust! I dont wanna just go installing the wrong drivers cause thats what I think caused the problem in the first place making me formatting the hard drive :dontknow:

if you do not know what kind of card it is you can use a debug script to find out but you will need to decypher it this is the command

From an MS-DOS prompt, type in debug and press the enter key.
At the dash prompt type d C000:0010 and press the enter key.

Other wise open the case and take a look :)
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