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Display failure followed by bluescreen

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Basic info
Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
ECS Elitegroup Nvidia GeForce 9400 gt
latest driver
(I'm not sure what else info you need, I can provide any though, so just ask :])

Whats happening: Occasional display driver failures, the screen shows weird x's and 0's and hyphens, the computer hangs for a second and then I get a message saying "The display driver has stopped working and has recovered". This doesn't happen too frequently and isn't a large problem, but...

Recently I'll be in the middle of anything from watching a video on youtube to playing a game, and suddenly the display cuts. The monitor enters power-saving mode and when it finally gets a new signal it shows a bluescreen for less than a second before rebooting back into windows. I can't read anything on the screen because its pretty much gone instantly.

Event viewer shows a Kernel-power event ID 41, bugcheck 278 which converted to hex = 116 which is a VIDEO_TDR_ERROR. The trail pretty much ends there in terms of whats causing my problem. I'm lost.

Since this has started I've done a clean install of windows 7 after wiping my drive, (unrelated, I didn't actually do this to fix this problem, but I figured it might help. Needless to say it didn't.)

Speedfan shows that my GPU is running at a steady 58C.

Any clue whats causing my problems? Questions, just ask. I'll provide any info necessary at request.
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What brand/wattage PSU? (open the case and look on the PSU label)

Post the temp and voltage readings from the BIOS. (+3.3v ,+5v ,+12v)
Thermaltake TR2-430W (430 watts)

Speedfans readings -
GPU - 60c
Everything else 26-30c

Vcore1: 1.12v
Vcore2: 2.26v
+3.3V: 2.27
+5V: 6.85v
+12V: 4.93v
Are those readings from the BIOS?

Voltage readings are out of spec.

I would suspect the PSU as causing your problem.
Are those readings from the BIOS?

Voltage readings are out of spec.

I would suspect the PSU as causing your problem.
No, they're from speedfan.
Anything more than a suspicion before I go replacing hardware?
Can you post the info from the BIOS as they are more accurate.

Speedfan is for fans and often gives inaccurate temp and voltage readings.
BIOS is more accurate, so post the readings from there to confirm there's a problem with the PSU. Speedfan is showing 4.93V. This is so far outside the safe range that it must be an incorrect reading.

The Thermaltake TR2 430W is a low quality PSU with an efficiency rating of 65% and a combined +12V output of only 14A. This is too low for even an AGP card, and way too low for a PCIE card.
So, the only thing in the BIOS is my cpu core voltage. I didn't find any listings of my power supply's voltage. I'm pretty sure at this point I'll have to bust out my multimeter if I want a more accurate reading.
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