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Disk Read Error Occurred

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So my mom has had this computer since 2003. It's a POS but she loves it, and she wants me to fix it, but I've run into a problem I can't seem to fix.

Initially on boot up, I received too errors. One was an easy fix, I just had to replace the BIOS battery.

The second is:
"A Disk Read Error Occured
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Restart"

I went to my parents house and got the original boot up CDs to boot from CD, but when I went to the Boot Up option screen, Boot from CD is not an option o.o!

So I went into System Setup under Boot Sequence and saw that CD-ROM device is not installed.

I've tried every boot option available.
Normal, Diskette Drive, Hard-Disk Drive C:/, Boot to Partition, Safe-Mode
Each time I receive the same message:
A disk read error occurred, press CAD

I've also tried to CTRL+F11 to reinstall the OS at the Dell Screen, but that doesn't work either

I'm at a loss
I hate Dell and this is the many reasons why, but momma loves her crappy machine, so I'm going to be a good daughter and try to fix it ^^

Some advice would be awesome, please an thank you
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Hi posting the full model number would be helpfull
Dell dimension 8300
Windows XP
Hi here is the manual with how to use the diagnostic tool from boot,and the info on how to restore \ reinstall
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