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I have a couple of brand new (out of the ESD bag) HGST 2T HDs. When plugged into a 'Docking Station' there is no recognition of the drive. I learned that the drive had to be 'INITIALIZED' with Disk Management. I read up on the process and gave it a go. I printed off the steps and after getting DM up, I RClicked on the drive it found (Disk 3) [I'll attach a 'Snip'] but instead of getting a box to 'initialize' the drive, I got a box (I have to describe as I didn't know how to capture it) that stated:
(1) first two lines (faded) - 'New Spanned Volume' & 'New Striped Volume'
(2) next two lines - 'Convert to Dynamic Disk' & 'Convert to MBR Disk'
(3) next single line - 'Properties'
(4) next single line - 'Help'
That's the only option(s) I have and none of them are listed in the steps (of DM) to initialize an HD.
I'm totally uneducated about this 'initialize' process on a NEW HD and need some help/guidance.
Much appreciated - (oh, yeah, please keep it simple, if possible). Thanks - Jim B
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When you have brand new blank drive plugged in, and you start Disk Management, a New Disk Wizard will start and tell you the drive needs to be Initialized.
It looks like this drive is already Initialized. If it wasn't, the Disk # (ie) Disk 3 would say, Not Initialized.
All you need to do now is to Right click the Unallocated Space and choose to make a new Simple Volume (Partition); Format it and give it a drive letter.
If this doesn't work, you can download a 3rd party app like Minitool Partition Wizard and Reinitialize it, Create a new Partition, Format it and give it a drive letter.
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