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Disk Drive Drivers

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I am trying to install windows 7 onto my my new build PC and it has come up with a screen saying it can't find any drivers for my CD/DVD RW drive. How can i get a driver for it?
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have you tried the mfgr (of the cd/dvd drive)?
The drive does not have a manufacturer on it, and all the drivers I have donloaded have all been programs for install.
oh, you dont have win7 installed yet and the cd/dvd isn't working?
Yes the drive is working, but the installation is searching for drivers and there isnt one for the drive.
Can someone help please? I have been waiting over an hour now, and it is kinda urgent.
Is this a 64 bit Version of Windows 7? That version has issues with some cd/dvd drives. You can get around the issue by installing from a Flash drive
How do i install it from a flash drive?
Ooh, thankyou. Ill probably be bac on later with another problem :laugh:
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