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Discrepancy in transfer speed through Direct Connection

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I connected two computers via direct connection using crossover cable.

Computer 1
Windows Vista
Marvel Yukon Gigabit Ethernet
RAID 0 hard drive

Computer 2
Windows Server 2003
Intel PRO Gigabit Ethernet
RAID 5 hard drive

I get about 40 MB/s transferring files from Computer 1 to Computer 2 but only 8 MB/s from Computer 2 to Computer 1. Why? It seems Computer 2 is capping the uploads to 8 MB/s, is this a software issue?
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Do you have the speed set to auto-negotiate in the NIC properties page? I'd set it to manual, 100MB (1000MB if you have a cat5e cable), full duplex. The other thing to look at is if your server NIC has QOS enabled.
Both are set to auto negotiate. On the Windows Vista computer, I'm able to change to 1000 Mbps Full duplex but not the Windows 2003 computer, in the manual it says "Per the IEEE specification, gigabit speed cannot be forced. It can only be auto-negotiated." I also set QOS enabled on both NIC. The transfer speed 2003 --> Vista remain at 8 MB/s and Vista --> 2003 remain at 40 MB/s.
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