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Hello. No clue where best to post this, so I'll probably cross post it. I think what I'm trying to do might not be possible, but thought I'd throw the question out there anyway.

Since I switched to PC from a console a few years ago, I use a mouse but I hate keyboard input, so I also use a controller in my left hand.

In every game up until GTA 5, this hasn't been an issue. In GTA though, since it has controller support, but you can't rebind the buttons, I am stuck with the few buttons I use with my left hand as they are. Unfortunately, that doesn't work out.

Is there any way to, I don't know, possibly make GTA think that there is no controller plugged in, make it ignore that signal, or...? I suppose just even being to remap the controller would work (not perfect, but that would do).

If I can just map the few controller buttons I need using Xpadder, I'd be all set, but alas. Like I said, I doubt it's possible, but thought I'd give it a go.

(I Googled and found one other guy trying to achieve this, but he got no answers disable controller - Help & Support - GTAForums )
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