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So i was just doing a simple clean install of vista and formatting a hard drive. Everything well and i was installing drivers that came with my mobo, now for some reason i decided to install the raid and silicon image drivers, as it was on the same list of drivers as the normal required ones in the install software of the cd.

Now heres my problem, i rebooted the comp after installing the stated above drivers... And now I get a Dos prompt every time i boot up to make a Asus Motherboard Disk for DOS menu, but i can't figure out how to bypass it cause i don't have a floppy drive so i cant actually make a disc. ( Yeah i did not realize that this would happen when i installed the drivers) There is only 3 options, making one for Nvidia raid driver page, Silicon Image Sil3132 Drive Page and FreeDos command prompt. I have it set to boot from cd first, but this Dos prompt comes before i even get a chance to boot up from my vista cd again to just do a clean install again....

So anyone know how i can fix this?

My specs in case it helps:
Striker Extreme mobo
Sli 8800 GTX
2gigs of ram (6 in total but have 4 out while installing)
OS Vista 64 bit HP

Thanks for you help
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