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did i just blow my sound?

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uh oh. i think i just did something stupid....

i was trying to record my guitar into my computer, by plugging it into the microphone jack and using audacity. i could tell the sound was making it to the computer because in audacity i could see the little sound waves, but they were very low.

so (here comes the stupid decision), i turned up the master volume on my amp. the sound waves in audacity got really big and then suddenly there was no more. puzzled, i tried to play back the sound i had just recorded. nothing....

so i'm like dang, i just blew the integrated sound jack.... oh i know! i'll try the front sound jack! still nothing :(

did I probably blow the integrated sound card or something? is that possible? mehhh

many thanks
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It's quite possible.

The mic jack isn't expecting much power.

Also, were you using the speaker or headphone output on your amp or was it a 'line level output'.

Can you hear audio from your speakers?

yep it went out my 'headphones' output on the amp to the microphone input on the integrated sound.

yep i verified that the speaker system is fine.

dang, the funny part is that

a. i recorded the sound of blowing my sound card!
b. when i first did it, i thought i heard a strange buzzing so i turned it up even farther

well, everyone screws up once in a while i guess.

i guess it time to go buy a sound card, and then read up on how to safely input your guitar to the computer.

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