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Did i break it?

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Hello i'm building my second computer and things are not going so well for me.

I'm concern about something. For my second computer i got me a PCI x16 video card. Well on the mobo is a PCI x16 slot & there this little white thing. I'll show you what i mean.


As you can see on the PCI x16 slot there a white slot thing. Onto the PCI x16 slot Kinda like a lock or lever thing.

Well anyway i somehow broke that part off does that mean i also broke the card or something. When i plug in the cable on the card i got into my monitor comes on and giving me that message "your monitor is working fine" but i'm still really concerned that i broke it.

If it is broken will newegg replace it? i bought the card from newegg. This is the card i have Video Card

I been having a hard time getting my new computer up is it because of the card or maybe i've got some things plug incorrect.

Thanks in advance.

Edit - By the way the first image is the image of my motherboard.
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That is meant to secure your video card into your motherboard. As long as you keep your card snug in the slot, and don't move your computer much, it should work fine. If it doesn't seem to fit in very tight you should look into ways of fixing it. But you haven't broken anything but the white thing itself.

If the item was broken during shipping they may replace it, if you broke it yourself I'm not sure. It would be spelled out in your receipt.
Thanks for the quick reply much apperciated.

I feel so much better.

Have a nice day.
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