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Dial-up Networking and Internet Explorer

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Has anyone encountered a problem with windows ME and not being able to connect to the internet? I can dial up the server and log in ok. I can't browse any pages, however. I can't check e-mail. I've done everything including reinstalling the OS over top of the existing configuration. I've removed and reinstalled the Dial-up Networking, I've removed and reinstalled the Client for Microsoft Networking, and the TCP/IP protocols under Control Panel/Networks icon. Nothing worked. I did, finally, reinstall windows completely by removing the partition, formatting, and reinstalling Windows ME from scratch. Ultimately, this fixed the problem, but everything else I did was not working. Anyone have a solution that I can do in the future instead of performing such a brute task as formatting again? I'd hate to have to restore all the software again.

Thanks and cheers!
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M.e. is famous for failing and failing all the time, boot up errors, blue screens of death, the thing will even fail somtimes when nothing but background tasks are going on. It fails so much it would be funny to see happening to someone on a sitcom anyway yes Dialup errors run wild in M.e. and short of reinstalling there are very little ways to correct a serious dialup error in M.e. I would reccommend upgrading the He11 away from that cursed OS ASAP.

But if you do not heed my advice:evilangle then you could attempt to fix the dialup problem by deleteing any dialup networking connection that exist ie MSN, or AOL whatever then removing the ISP's software, reboot a couple hundred times, then reinstall the ISP's software, reboot a couple hundred more times then cross your fingers and see if it helped.
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The tech is right

ME doesn't stand for melinium, it stands for Messy. A downgrade to 98se would be an upgrade IMHO.

midnightwreck, if you are not a gamer and want serious useability from your OS, buy Win2kpro.

:D :D
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