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My desktop has 2 NIC, each one connected to a different vlan.
NIC 1 -> VLAN1 (untagged) -> 192.168.0.*
NIC 2 -> VLAN2 (untagged) -> 10.10.0.*

Both Vlan have DHCP, one Windows Server and one Linksys Router. And both my nics are configured with dynamic ip.

Since last week, both NIC are getting their IP from Windows Server (10.10.0.*) and I don't know why.
I've changed both NIC on my PC, formatted my PC (Win XP SP3), changed the Switch of VLAN2.
People on VLAN1 are OK, and People on VLAN2 are also OK. I'm the only one with to NIC connected to these VLANs.
If I configure NIC 2 with static IP from VLAN2, works OK but I need dynamic IP.

Any ideas?
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