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Hey there. I've had an issue with my machine's IP address not showing up in DNS. All of my network pc's are configured for DHCP.

-W're running Windows 2003 SP2 for DC's/DNS/DHCP servers
-Our client computers are all running XP Pro SP3
-Our DHCP servers are configured to update DNS (A) and PTR records dynamically "only if clients request it."
-DHCP discards PTR and A records when lease is deleted
-Lease duration is set to 8 days
-DNS AD integrated zone is only accepting secure updates
-DNS scavenging is enabled

Here's the problem I'm having:

I was only 5 days into my lease when I noticed that I couldn't connect to my machine via RDP using the computer name (FQDN).

My lease was active on the DHCP server, but there was no record of my machine in my forward lookup zone in DNS (AD integrated zone).

Why would this be?
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