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DHCP Client Causing Programs to crash

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This morning when I booted my pc up every program that connected to the internet would cause. After play with MSConfig for a while, it turned out that the DHCP Client was causing the crash. I have two option right now stop DHCP and able unable to get an IP Address or run it and have everything crash.

This their any way around DHCP, like manually configuring the IP Address or an alternate client; or fix it?
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Hi BoSoxJoe5

Check in your EventViewer logs to see what the Events related to the system crashes show. Start/Control Panel/Performance and Maintenance/Administrative Tools/EventViewer.

And scan thoroughly for malware, as it's presence can cause connection-related misbehavior. Should you find a serious infection, try the 5-Step Security Checklist from our Security forums here ---

I don't recommend changing XP Service settings around much, as there are several interdependencies to consider. If you'd like a well-reasoned Guide to the Windows XP Services, the Elder Geek has a decent one ---

Let us know what error messages you find, it should help the problem-solving.
If it turns out that malware has corrupted your Winsock settings, you can try the WinsockXPFix utility ---

Best of luck & Happy Holidays
. . . Gary
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Most isps require dhcp so unless your isp issues private IPs, you'll have to reset tcp/ip using netsh
Did something happen just before the problem happened ?

What's your AV solution ? Is XP fully updated ?
I would say do whats suggested above first and if not run WinSockXPFix first, although it'll delete any net related settings on the system. You'll also need all updates to XP SP2 as suggested above by Girderman, as the fix many such issues.
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