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Device Manager Code 12 Resource Conflict

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Hi, new to tech support. Hope to help somebody someday but right now I need help.
Im trying to install a cardbus to a laptop. The cardbus is dynamode LFE2000 pcmcia with rs232 adapter cable. The dynamode is not windows logo tested. Laptop is Hi Grade Ultinote m6600 model no. 8640 with windows XP sp2 installed. The Cardbus controller is ENE CB1410.
When I install and reboot I get a code 12 error in device manager (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.) The cardbus red light is on.
I cannot find which resource conflicts with which device because no resources have been allocated to the cardbus. I understand IRQ is the most likely culprit but no device on the system will allow me to change its settings - all change settings options are disabled. Sis 900 based pci fast ethernet adapter and a nvidia geforce 440 go 64m graphics card share IRQ 11 while IRQ 10 is shared by ENE CB1410 cardbus controller and OHCI compliant IEEE 1394 host controller.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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The above error is given when the laptop is in Acpi mode. I switched to standard pc mode and I get the following error;
I dont have the exact text but something like- the ene cb1410 cardbus controller is currently not configured to run in cardbus mode but in 16 bit mode.
This warning appears at the bottom of the screen beside the clock.
The red led on the dynamode cardbus does not light nor does the cardbus appear in device manager nor does the add hardware wizard appear.
Does this mean I have to configure the cardbus controller in the bios settings.
The bios is very basic - Insyde software mobile pro bios version 4.00.01 - and neither Insyde nor Hi Grade offer any support in this area.
Also in standard pc mode a floppy drive controller appears in device manager ( not visible in acpi mode) with a code 12 error - a conflict in irq 6 - and the com 2 port appears in device manager ( also not visible in acpi mode) with a code 29 error.
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