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Desktop setup for gamer.

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I like to buy a computer for gaming.
I've got a choice between these 3 configurations, but i can't make up what the best choice would be.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (dual-core) 2048 MB DDR2-RAM 800 MHz
Geforce 8800GTX PCI-E (768 MB DDR 3)

INTEL Core 2 Quad Q6600 (FSB 1066) 2048 MB DDR2-RAM 800 MHz
Geforce 8800GT PCI-E (512 MB DDR 3)

AMD Phenom Quad 9600 4096 MB DDR2-RAM 800 MHz
Geforce 8800GT PCI-E (512 MB DDR 3)

Is the Phenom quad really that powerfull, or is it only good for multitasking even though it has that much ram.

Will the AMD dual core perform better at gaming (single application),then a multitasking Phenom quad?

Or does the new Intel Core 2 Quad system beat AMD these days?

bottom line, i don't know, what should i buy?
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The Intel, all the way, they are more efficient, overclock higher and consume less power, but with a higher price tag. But while overclocked they will outperform any AMD processor for price vs performance.

Edit: And since it consumes less power your monthly power bill will be lower, saving you even more money. :smile:
The Intel is without a doubt the best for most situations today. More cost as mentioned, but better performance.
I'd go with the q6600 all the way, though maybe 4gb of ram, and thats perfect setup...well sorta
Thanks for the replies.

I've ordered my pc, i went for intel like you guys said, with more ram, and slighly better gfx card.

Did cost a bit more but they assured me it's worth it.

INTEL Core 2 Quad Q6600 (FSB 1066)
4096 MB DDR2-RAM 800 MHz 500 GB 7200 rpm S-ATA2 16 MB
Asus EN9800GX2/G/2DI/1G Geforce EN9800GX2 (1 GB DDR3, 256-bit, 2 x DVI-I)
Holy Crap Crysis Killer! that is Awsome, im jealous, i only have a 7600GS but you have a 9800GX2
I would go with a Intel dual core processor I mean do you really need Quad core isn't dual enough but every thing else is very nice i wish i could afford it
ok quad core + Q6600 = Cheap Ultimate Quad core
Dual Core + Quad core support mobo = Waste of supplies
Dual Core = Slowly dyeing
Quad Core = Coming into fashion and future-proof
future prooof is a term that should never be used with computers :4-thatsba:laugh:..... computer systems are getting stale 6 months after you buy them

by the time games start using quad cores correctly; you will have bought a new system!

the games are struggling to get max performance out of two threaded applications, 4 threaded apps are still a thing of the future

nice rig, enjoy!! hope they gave you a good power supply! your gonna need it!
They said they had to upgrade the standard 500 Watt one, they have put in a 650Watt power supply.

Just went after the computer, installed xp, updated and installed drivers.

Time to install the games now ;-).
(Eve-online, Mass Effect, Crysis)
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