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Desktop PC died

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Hi - PC suddenly stopped working after hearing a bang. I replaced it with a 5A fuse, tried to switch it on, heard anther bang. I the turned the back of the PC to face me and replaced another 5A fuse. This time I saw sparks on the back of the PSU and obviously another bang. It looks like it definitely a PSU problem. The PSU is HPC-300-202 230V and 3A and peak load is 300W. I am surprise that the PSY went so quickly as the MTBD is about 11 years and my PC is only just over 6 years old. What is the possible imapct on other components after these bangs.

What are my options

i) Do I just replace the PSU
ii) Do I also need to replace the fan which is CHIEFTEC (D90SM-12), DC12V and 0.19A.
iii) Forget the PC and get a new one as problems could be beyond simple replacement of PSU or PSU/Fan

Your prompt advise is appreciated
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you could get a new psu and hope that everything works, or everything could have blown, including mobo and proccessor, you choice. get a new system, build it yourself :) more for your money!
I agree
Thanks for the advice so far. I phoned up a shop that sells the ATX PSU HPC-200-202 and I explained to the gentleman what I have observed. He advised me to i) test the fan of the PSU by shorting the Power on and ground pins on the ATX connector and 2) check all the capacitors around the CPU to see if any of the capacitors were damaged due to the explosion.

The result is that 1) I removed the connecting cables to the mobo, the harddisk and the CD-ROM drive to ensure that the PSU is not connecting to any major components and 2) I can't not see any damaged capacitors because all the capacitors still cover by dust and all have smooth feel. SO the next step was to replace the blown fuse. Switched it on, a bang and the sparks again through the PSU fan..I moved close to the PSU and can smell the burnt of the PSU.. I did not get a chance to test the PSU fan. I phoned the shop again today and the same gentleman is very curious what caused the PSU to go bang. He was very honest that if I was getting a new PSU, there is no guranteee that it won't go again even though there is no obvious damages to the capacitors. He does not want me to risk a new PSU as it is not cheap. He advises me to see if I can get a similiar second-hand PSU to try it out.

SO 1) any more good advice and 2) Anyone knows where to get a second hand PSU similiar to ATX HPC-300-202, 0.19A and 300W. I know this model may be superceded by higher power PSU

Thanks and I look forward to hear from you again:upset:
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Hi - I took the desktop to a local computer repairer and have the PSU doulechecked. It was confirmed dead and replaced. The mobo is still alive but the graphic card is damaged as the display on monitor is have green/purple shadows on the letters. I have the monitor connected to my laptop and the display is fine. The graphic card is ATI Radeon 8500 LE 64MB DDR card, it guess it is a bit old and seems not available anymore. Don't want to spend a lot of money on the latest Radeon card as the PC is 6 years old, anyone know of where to get this card (new or old).

Further advice is appreciated.
Sorry a really rate reply, what motherboard do you have ?
+ you can get a 9 series Nvidia card for a nice price these days, also new!, peagreen
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