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desktop configuration files

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I was...well doing too many things at once and now have 2 files on my desktop, both titled


they don't appear to be shortcuts
and both read

Windows Media [email protected]:\WINDOWS\inf\unregmp2.exe,-4

I went to move them into a folder and got the message

Are you sure you want to move the system file "desktop"
which I took as a hint not to, any ideas as to where these belong, and since they are identical, I doubt I need both. I would like to either put them where they belong or just delete them.

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unregmp2.exe is the update utility for Windows Media Player, but could also be a worm/virus. Follow these instructions to install XoftSpy (free spyware remover)
it doesn't seem to be a worm, neither's beta anti spyware program, nor spybt seem to have any problems with it...I think I inadvertently right clicked media player when I was trying to close down several programs....I'm just not certain where this file belongs...
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