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desktop completely gone

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the desktop on this computer is gone no icons no explorer no nothing
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Try the F8 advanced startup options (the same procedure as for getting to safe mode) but choose "last known good configuration" instead of safe mode.
Could be a temporary profile - Did you spot a message when it was booting up and logging on?

This happens when your profile becomes corrupt (not beyond repair!) among other things.

Best, Crit.
f8 boot most recent start up that worked did not fix the problem the computer works just no desktop im on it now the start menu works but has nothing but ie witch i put on the programs menu only has what i installed on it i found on the right hand side of the start menu where my computer ,search, run , was blank to i got most of that back but it is still missing submenu selections adin tools is misssing its whole menu it has add/remove programs and thats it the programs r installed just not on the start menu
Set your BIOS to boot from CD first. Insert your WinXP boot disk into the CD and reboot. When prompted to 'Press any key to boot to CD', do so. After WinXP loads some files, it will come up with a menu, choose 'Repair'. When at the C:\ prompt, type sfc /scannow

This will compare your system files to what's on the CD and restore them to operational condition.

This problem often happens after using a Registry Cleaner program of some kind. Which is why we don't recommend them.
this computer belongs to friend he got used with nothing but charger
I believe you can use any XP CD you can borrow, as long as it's the same Service Pack as what's installed. If it won't let you, it will come back and tell you that with a 'Cancel' button.

Also, you can use it at the desktop as long as you see the 'Start' button or you can get to it by pressing the 'Window' key on most keyboards. If you can get Start to open, go to 'Run' and type sfc /scannow but you will have to have a WinXP CD for it to accomplish the check (sfc=system file check).
ty my friend wants his computer back so i wrote your instructions down to do it
Well have a look in 'C:\Documents and Settings' (Assuming that the main HDD is C:\) and check to see if there is a copy of the user account.


Main profile name is 'user', look for 'user.extrawords', 'user.old', 'user.domain', etc.

You're looking for a copied, temporary profile.

If you'll not be working on it, nor asking for any further advice, then please mark your thread as solved.

Cheers, Crit.
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