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Dell Vista Machine refuses to start (not RAM)

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Hey there,

First, let me preface this by saying I am really not sure if this is a hardware or a software issue, but there is no indication it is a hardware issue.

My wife's Dell Inspiron 1420 with Vista Home Premium SP1, 4 Gig of RAM has suddenly begun acting very strange.

Over the last few days she has received a couple of random BSODs, and several times the windows start error of "Windows failed to start properly, either a software or hardware change might be responsible" -- previously windows repair using the backup disk shipped from Dell fixed the problem. However, now neither that nor System restore will fix the issue. its simply a perpetual cycle of start/restart errors.

Safe mode doesn't work either, windows starts to load up, reaches the "crcdisk.sys" module and then hangs for a moment, and returns to the aforementioned error screen.

I downloaded a RAM check program, and she ran it (it was an autostart program with no OS load required) and it returned no errors on her RAM, so I'm fairly positive thats not the issue (that and the fact that safe mode hangs in the same place everytime).

My wife is a graphic design major and would like to avoid reformatting before she has a chance to backup her last few days worth of files -- any help or suggestions you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated.
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Tried and failed. After advices of others as well as personal experience, we retrieved many of her necessary files using a Knoppix rescue disc. She is now re-installing Vista and neccessary drivers (though that seems to have frozen too!)
Sorry, should have been more clear. Failed to shed any light on the subject. However. Upon reformat and installation of Vista, my wife went about re-installing all her important programs. After she was done with that, she began to rebuild her 'net bookmarks and noticed that the Wizard of the Coast Character Builder Beta for DnD Insider subscribers was out. She attempted to install it, and in so doing had to download .Net framework 3.5 Beta 1.

Her computer crashed again. It was about then she realized that she had been doing the exact same thing the last time this happened. Fortunately, with a fresh Vista install and plenty of updates done and programs installed, she had a variety of restore points to choose from. She then rooted out the corrupt .net framework install, and got a clean one (I think directly from MS instead of via the Character Builder install) and now her computer is working like a charm. So fingers crossed that it was just a massive corruption that did her in last time.
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