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dell/pci video issue

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I just bought a dell dimension 3000 from the gaming section of, it came with a s****y on board video as i expected, but what i didn't expect, when i opened it was that all it would have are pci slots. does this mean i just spent 800 dollars on a system i cant play games with?
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That's why you don't buy Dell! Yes, unless you find a way to overcome the insane bandwidth lacking of PCI then you're stuck with late 90's gaming.
Thats actually sad that you cant even really upgrade it. There was this review i found out for you. Also if you want to upgrade there are still good options with pci bus videocards. Such as radeon 9250 Pci . Take a look these reviews
review 1
review 2

Even 128 mb version is doing a pretty decent job providing high fps and refresh rates.
If I was to actually buy a mass produced machine I would make sure that it would not have onboard or integrated graphics. Normally the would tell you this in the description. I do know for a fact Dell does this.

Video Card
Integrated Intel® Extreme Graphics 2

Most interesting that you said that you purchased it through their gamining section since I don't see a computer in their gaminig section under $1500.00. And all their gaming computers do come with separate AGP or PCI-E graphics solution.
The 3000 series are listed in their home and home office section.

Our shop at work is an all Dell shop. 9 servers, Powervault storage, 40 workstations, and about 16 laptops. If I was ever to buy a mass produced machine it would probably be a Dell. Just because of their customer support.
However if I was to buy a gaming machine I would have to build my own.
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