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Dell monitor wont work

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Hi, I have a Dell GX 260 pc. It has always worked fine, but has a tiny harddrive. With all the updates and the software I need the harddrive was becoming too full. I put a bigger harddrive in, but when I switched the computer on to put the new operating system on, the monitor (which has always worked) seems not to receive the signal. The light just stays orange. The computer is making all the right noises. I put the original harddrive back in, but still the monitor wont work. The monitor is a flat screen one which is alot newer than the pc. Any ideas on how to resolve this? It was working fine before.
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check the cables internally and that you have not knocked anything by mistake as you added the harddrive

Also when you put the VGA cable back onto the PC - check to see if any pins are bent - very easy to bend a pin on those connectors and still connect and screw up
Cables all look fine, and the pins are not bent..
do you have another PC or laptop you can test the monitor on ?
I have a laptop, will give it a go. I also have another monitor, going to give that a go too. I've got a feeling it's not the monitor, but the pc.
The monitor worked straight away through my laptop.
I plugged a different monitor in, said 'auto detect analogue' but still the orange light.
sounds like you damaged the motherboard or dislodged something in the process of adding the harddrive

and bleeps from the computer at all
No bleeps at all, although when I switch the computer on it sounds like it's rebooting itself then restarts and runs fine.
so the PC is not detecting a faulty video card - I suspect the video card itself is a problem and from what I can see the video is integrated into the motherboard.
It is intergrated. But that part of the pc is covered by plastic casing, but as far as I can see it the wires are all in place. Time to get another pc I think!
So you have an integrated video chip as well as something like a PCI graphics card? Try switching the monitor cable between the 2. Also, make sure the correct video option is set in your BIOS setup. If it was changed to onboard video, your PCI graphics card may be disabled, which would explain the No Signal.
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