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Dell Latitude Graphics Problem

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The proglem is with a Dell Latitude C840.

this is with geforce4go Video Controller with 15" display.

The problem is, whenever i turn it on, the display is shown only about 6" x 6". (the whole display is scaled down). Windows XP Pro Sp2 is installed.

i have changed the Primary video to system from BIOS, but this stays only one boot, next boot ... 6 x 6 again. this happens whatever i set it (primary video option in bios) to "System" or "Dock Video Card". or install the vga driver in windows. but whenever i enter the bios, the display is always alright(full size).

the entire system runs fine .. just the display size is scaled down. :cry:

how can i make it alright ? :4-dontkno

thanks in advance :)
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Do you have the option in Display settings under Dsplays/Panel to check off
"Expand to full panel size" ?
if u r talking about ... display properties > settings ... i dont see any option like that :(
I would try one of the Omega drivers to see if that would fix the problem. You can always reinstall the Dell video drivers again.
whether i install vga drivers or not, its all the same, even, if i boot from a cd, in dos mode or windows setup, its tht small display :(

even after a fresh reinstall, without any dirvers, and after installing the drivers, its all the same :( .
There is a hack driver out for it. I ran into the same problem with my C840. I will see if I can dig it up.
Before I installed the driver. I did noticed it depends on what you have the resolution set at. If you go into display properties and change the screen size to say 1024x768 it will full screen on you. But if you reboot the computer, the screen will shrink back up.
From what I read the optimal screen size is 1600x1200. if you leave the settings at that, Windows boots up full screen. But no one can read words on a pinhead.
No luck finding the driver. There is one out there for the same problem you have described. You might want to google for it. I think I came across on another forum board.
Mine started after I upgraded the BIOS so the MB would accept a 2.4GHz CPU.
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