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Dell Latitude D610 won't boot

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Everytime I turn on my laptop it goes to the Dell loading screen just fine, then moves to a black screen with a flashing underscore in the top left corner and just... Stays there. The little lock with the 9 on the keyboard stays lit, and I can't do anything, but it seems quite happy to just sit there. If I press keys then nothing will happen for a while, but after enough keystrokes the keys will make a high pitched beep whenever pressed. I've tried a number of F buttons, particularly F12 (which didn't seem to help me) and F2 (which did nothing at all). A few start ups ago it went through what seemed like a test of the entire system, starting with coloured bars across the screen, and ending with the system asking me if I wanted to continue, or if I should put in the Dell device disk. As I don't have the disk I pressed continue and was brought back to the black screen.

The last thing the computer did before starting this cycle was to flag up a bluescreen which wouldn't go away so I had to hold the power button until the computer turned off. I think the memory might be full, but I can't get at anything if the computer won't turn on. Any suggestions?
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Hi and welcome to TSF do you recall the blue screen message,try running the dell diagnostic How to Run the Dell
Thanks for the warm welcome ^^

I'm afraid I can't remember the message on the bluescreen. I have, however, tried the diagnostic you suggested on the site link you gave. The extended test said that it passed all the tests it put it through, and the memory test said that was all right as well. I think the blue screen said something about a drive and gave me a long number, which I'm afraid I didn't record :(
Hi lets see if it will start in safemode try tapping f8 on booting and choose safemode with networking or first try last known good configuration and see if that works if not then try safemode
Pressing F8 doesn't seem to do anything, it just goes straight back to the black screen with the blinking underscore. Sorry~
Hi do you have a install or recovery disc to attempt a repair
I'm afraid not. It's a reconditioned laptop I bought about a month ago, and I haven't had any problems with it until this, but it didn't come with any disks
Hi you might try this all the info etc is on the page on the left UBCD for Windows
I'm afraid I don't have the original Windows Installation CD, as the laptop came with it already installed, so I can't build it
Hi could you get a friend to help you either with a copy of xp it needs to be the same as your version or to make the disc
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