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I have a Latitude 7490 and here are the power/boot up problems I'm currently experiencing.

1. After powering on, the Dell logo doesn't show up immediately. Power button and keyboard lights up and it will take about 3 to 5 minutes before the logo will show up and the battery indicator lights up. I have observed that this issue occurs if the notebook has been powered off for a long period of time (like overnight)

2. If you full charge (about 2 hours) the notebook powered off, it won't power up if you press the power button. No indication that it is powering on. What I am doing it to reconnect the internal battery. It will power-up and will encounter issue #1.

Observation: I'm not experiencing the above issues if the notebook is powered off for a short period of time (approximately 1 hour). I checked the diagnostics from the BIOS but did not get any clue on what might be the problem. Battery is still good as it can still last up to 8 hours under "battery saver: on" mode.

Does anybody here experienced the same/similar issue/s from their notebooks? I already ran out of ideas on how to diagnose the problem. I need help. Thanks in advance.
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