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Dell laptop not working on battery after water damage but it's working on direct power.

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Laptop: dell e6430

I was out for a day, and it was raining, the water pour on laptop from window of my room, usually it doesn't come but due heavy rains it came, i returned home, turn on laptop, watch my favourite series had dinner, it run perfectly fine for 30 minutes then it shut down(complete turn off not OS shutdown)automatically, i tried to turn it ON but it doesn't get ON, then i noticed water, lots of water near charging area, then i understood the situation, i quickly removed battery, disassembled it completely, each and every part, lucky there was every less or no water on actual mother board and the board had plastic guard so, no water has touched it but the charging port had some water inside it. Then next day i arranged isopropyl alchohol 99 percent, clean each and every part with it and placed the board in 200 watt bulb for some heat, for 3 days, after that i assembled every thing..

Now the main problem starts

1. I can use laptop for hours it is working completely fine but only on direct power adaptor without battery and only problem is sometimes heatsink fan doesn't work

2. When i connect battery, it doesn't turn on and battery is not dead it has some charge (i am 100 sure)

3. When i plug power when battery is inside, it doesn't turn on, instead it shows orange color led in battery indicator, i am using this laptop 3 yrs, i never saw orange led blink at place usually it only shows white led color

4. Sometimes heatsink fan is not working, it's just randomly stops and starts, i had to check everytime if it's running or not, as the laptop getting shutdown automatically due to overheating. But when if fan is running, it never get shutdown (in this point shutdown means not OS type shutdown but it's just completely turn off without indicating anything).

5.can you tell me, what happened to my laptop and which part might damaged and is it worth to repair it.
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So can you tell me, what happened to my laptop and which part might damaged and is it worth to repair it.
The problem with electrically conductive liquids inside of electronic equipment is they allow electrical currents to travel though unintended paths. This can immediately damage/kill some/all of the electronic components those improper currents traveled through.

And in order to find out exactly what was damaged and where would require proper testing equipment, the knowledge required to use it and to perform the tests ... the cost of which could far and away exceed the cost of a whole passel of new computers.
I think the last reply nailed it. You've likely killed the charging circuit, and fixing that is probably way outside your skill set I suspect!

I have to point out that turning on the laptop without thoroughly drying it out when you knew it got wet wasn't the best idea in the world! :rolleyes:
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