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Dell Inspiron problem

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hello people...the problem is a Dell Inspiron belongs to a friend of mine that is helpless...

when you press the power button it does nothing...the keyboard lights do not flash, but the power, HD and battery lights on the front of the machine flash at a constant rate(fast)...if i use the power cable i get the same thing...nothing seems to power up at all no HD noise, no cpu noise...any advise on were to start?..

2.8g P4
512mb ram
seagate 40gb HD
battery 14.8V, 8C, LITHIUM
Windows XP home fully updated(so im told)
nothing installed in last two seeks or so...
laptop is about 1 year old

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Same Problem here

I also have a dell inspiration 3800 that does the same thing. I plug in the ac adaptor with battery in push on button the power on light, HDD light, battery light all blink 4 sometimes 5 or so times no pattern noticed. remove battery same thing. I dont have any history on this lappy because i was given it in this postion and the customer didnt know of any history. Any ideas from yu repair guru's thanks in advance for any help or ideas
do you know how to remove the battery? How bout the ram modules?

if you can, remove the battery,and the RAM (under a panel marked 'M' on the underside of the computer) for about 1/2 hour. Then put the RAM back in (carefully). Now plug the computer in, and try to turn it on again (without the battery)

Any improvements?
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