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Dell Inspiron 1300 Internal Keyboard Help

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Hey guys this is my first post here.

About two weeks ago I accidentally spilled (less than half of) a beer onto my laptop keyboard. Immediately after attempting to wipe up the liquid, I shutdown the computer and unplugged both my internet and power cables from the machine. What probably wasn't the best idea at the time, I tried to turn the computer back on.. however the machine would not boot up at all. So, I left the computer closed to sit out for about a day and tried to turn it back on again, still to no avail.

After reading through Dell's manual that came with the laptop, I followed instructions of what to do incase of a spill.. which included taking the hard drive out, memory, battery, etc and letting it dry. To my surprise, after allowing it to dry for 24 hours with the components removed, it turned back on! The computer seemed to be functioning perfectly, except for the fact that the keyboard did not, and still does not function.

Currently I have an external keyboard plugged into the USB, which works fine.. and luckily my touchpad still works fine.. however the internal keyboard will not work. When I push on buttons, most of them just do not work. Some do, however if I press the letter 'b' for example, 'b m n' might show up, or something to that effect.

My question is, is there anything I can do to salvage my keyboard? I've called a few computer places and they said they won't touch it/clean it, because it's been spilled on. I think that's a load of crap, but whatever. What I was also considering was buying an Inspiron 1300 keyboard off of eBay and replacing it with the one I have currently installed.. would that fix my problem?

Thanks a lot for your help guys, it's appreciated.

- Scott
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that should fix your problem, because before when i spilt a whole pint of coke on it, none of the keys worked, bought a spare from ebay, whacked it in and it was back to normal, i should think its just the keyboard thats broke, nothing beneath it.

Thanks very much!
no worries, thread can be closed guys.
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