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dell gen3 wont boot and fast fans

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I have a dell XPS gen 3 system and just in the past few weeks when I press the button to start the PC the power button remains orange and the internal fans just start up and speed up real fast. If I press the button and hold it stops. If I press it again it may or may not do the same. If it continues I just keep cycling till the power button turns green and than it boots fine. I have added a new video card and up the ram but made sure that they were all seated properly.

Any suggestions on why it does this would help.

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What's the brand and model of the video card and RAM you added?
Your problem maybe power related, what's the brand and model of the Power Supply? Are you using the original power supply that came with PC?
the PS is the orignal (460W) since Dell like to make it diffcult to upgrade it. the video card is a Radeon HD 4650 and the memory went from 2GB to 4GB or 3.what ever 32 bit can handle.
They don't just make it difficult to upgrade it, they use low quality ones as well. I'm thinking it can't handle the new card well. Did you upgrade to the new card to have something better or did the old one fail? I'm asking because if the old one is still functioning, you could try putting it in again and see if the system boots properly, that would narrow down the problem.
well i will have to find my old video card, it should still work. the kicker is though, is that after I up'd my memory and add the new card, it worked fine for about a month to a month and a half. I would think that if it was a power issue that this issue would have shown itself right from the start.

Ill post again when I find my older card and pop it in.
It could still be a power issue. The PSU could be starting to fail on you.
Let us know how the video card swap goes.
after closer review on the net the issue seemed to be coming from the power supply to the mother board. it suggested that I should take alook at the power calbe as it sometimes gets a bit dusty and cuases some malfunctions. after looking closly i noticed that the plug and the cable was rather burnt and I assume that is what the issue is. I feel taht it is no longer an option to repair since the machine is 6+ years old and have posted a new thread seeking advice on biulding a new computer.

If you would like to contiue to assist the link is:

I will probbly retire the other computer by taking it apart, placing pieces of it between bread, then consuming the computer sandwich thus combinding into one sybernetic monster.

Once again thank you for your help.
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If it's simply the power cable that's "burnt", a simple power supply replacement could be all that is needed. You can test it easy enough with a spare power supply.
you cant swap out dells XPS power supply its not a normal one. its all along the base of the case and to repace the power supply you would need to replace the case itself. for that I will just build a new computer, its time to update anyway.
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