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Hey All,
I am new to the site and figured this is the best place to post, as I have found a lot of helpful suggestions through searching the site but none have matched exactly what I need.

I reinstalled XP today via the Dell PC Restore by Symantec feature. All went well, and I had XP up and running for about four hours. However, a program that I wanted to locate a disc drive was not recognizing the drive, so I hit restart and waited for the OS to load back up. When it got past the first screen, it came to a second that says "No Boot Device Available."

I then checked the BIOS settings and set floppy to 1st, HD to 2nd, CDROM to 3rd (although I have no floppy drive, so I just disabled it in the drive area so I would not receive errors). Still, same issue. It appears the BIOS does not recognize that I have the Windows XP installed, or there is a problem with my boot drive, but I have no idea how to fix either of those two issues (and it could also be something completely different).

I ran a Linux disc to see if the hard drive would show up there and I could browse the contents (which is what I did earlier in the day to backup files as I could not get on XP prior to reinstalling), but the drive does not show up to browse. The only way the drive shows up is if I proceed through the Linux Install Process (I never proceeded to install, just to see what Hard Drive Options did/did not appear).

The Hard Drive DOES show up in the BIOS, although sometimes upon startup it will not list a "Link Speed."

Some other issues (may not be related) is when I unplug the computer, I get 3 POST Errors, all which relate to the CMOS.
1)CMOS Battery Failure
2)CMOS Checksum Error
3)CMOS Time Not Set

Like I said, I have no idea if this is related, just trying to provide all relevant information.

Drive is a SATA 250GB
Computer is Dell Dimension E510
Windows XP is installed on the Hard Drive
I have No Backup CDs as the computer did not come with any.

I have been trying to fix this thing for almost 20 hours, and I am really ready to throw this thing out the window lol.

Any and all help/suggestions is appreciated

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