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Dell Dim 4300 shutting down with touch of back

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Several days ago my Dimension 4300 shut off suddenly and I couldn't seem to get it to come back on. I'd push power button and no sign of life.

I just received and installed a PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 425 power supply. It came right on and I thought all was well. Then within 10 minutes I went to plug my USB from digital camera into back USB port and it immediately shut off. At first pushing power button did nothing. I moved the computer back onto a table to look further and just for grins pushed power button and it started coming on. Because I had unplugged monitor and all, I thought I'd plug them in after it appeared it had booted. The second I just touched the back of the case, it shut itself right down.

I'm wondering if the first power supply wasn't bad (though the new one it a better power supply) and that the problem is a short somewhere. The one thing I do a lot is plug USB devices in and out and wonder if something has come loosed within them and causing short. I don't see anything loose on motherboard or within computer. I replaced IDE cables a while back and put in one that has a ground wire that I didn't connect because I didn't see any obvious place to screw it to case and was told it wasn't necessary. Also put in new removable drive a while back and that has all seemed to work well.

I'm a little nervous to do too much trouble shooting as I'm concerned if there is a short I may fry a drive or something. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Lets start from the minimum. Disconnect everything and leave one stick of ram, graphics card, cpu & heatsink and power and case connections ( which has power reset buttons and hd and power lights) on your motherboard ( I would prefer taking the case wires too but might be a hassle to find the correct pins to touch and start it). Especially make sure that usb is disconnected. Connect the monitor and power. And power up your computer. If works we will add the hardware and/or wires we disconnected one by one. Let us know what happened in the first step first.

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seems like a grounding issue, take off all of the computer parts inside the case, even the power supply, and follow what purplesky said.
Did your PC do a shutdown like when you push the power button or did it just stop cold?
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