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Dell has announced a partnership with Cylance, which will add a new security layer for its line of motherboards, a BIOS integrity verification mechanism aimed at detecting corrupted boot images.

Dell is just the latest company that has realized the threat that comes from bootkit malware, one of the hardest to remove security threats, even for trained professionals.

While bootkits have been around for years, only last summer, when the Hacking Team data breach happened and security researchers got a chance to take a look at the spyware vendor's hacking arsenal, did they realize how dangerous this malware category really is.

Now, after VirusTotal introduced a firmware scanning feature only last week, Dell is announcing its own security tool aimed at countering this threat as well.

Dell will use AI technology to scan for malicious boot images

Named the Dell Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise, this is a simple a boot scanning mechanism to protect users against bootkit malware.
Dell Adds Boot Scanner to Protect Users Against Bootkit Malware
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