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Dell 8600 broken backlight

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Hey guys as i write, i am using only my right hand as my other is holding a flashlight so i can see what im writing. I think that the backlight on my laptop is broken, any tips to make it start working again, do i need a new screen assembly? any advice would be appreciated.
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You can fix the backlight, but it's a BIG PAIN IN THE ***. Best to just buy a new screen, much easier to replace.

Found one on ebay:
it could also be the inverter aside from the backlight. replacing the inverter may be easier and cheaper. the inverter does not come with the LCD so make sure you have tested this first before buying a new/replacement LCD.
That definitely sounds like a backlight, although, as TriggerFinger said, it can be the inverter. We actually fix these all the time, and most of the time it is the backlight that is bad, as those tiny fluorescent bulbs just wear out eventually.
I have purchased a back light for my screen on eBay for $16 as i can't afford to buy a new screen. If its not the back light then i guess ill be getting an inverter to. thank you all for your input
that's good. just be very careful in the backlight replacement they are not that 'easy' to do. in fact i find it very challenging :grin:.

do post back how it goes.
I will, its gonna be like 3 weeks cause its from hong kong:mad:

i heard of this in California. i checked their site, they have affordable prices for their lamps.
As i took apart my laptop i grabbed a white piece of tape on the back side of the lcd display that was clearly labeled "SENSITIVE AREA, DO NOT TOUCH!" never the less i didnt read it and picked up the display any ways. after reading the warning, I was dismayed!! I decided that i would power on the laptop to see if the display worked. it did. as did the back light. apparently the light was just loose and i pressed it back in place. now it works fine. SO big lesson, CHECK TO SEE IF THE BACKLIGHT IS LOOSE BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW ONE. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT
loose? AFAIK it is soldered at the ends. I mean its contacts are soldered and not just clipped on the bulb. oh well as long as you got it working, that is good news to me.

thank you for sharing.
Actually, when I took mines apart. The backlights connect to the inverter by a detachable connector, like molex but two pin and smaller.
yep, but that won't easily come loose. it is even hard to pull out as it is. unless of course, it was pulled out once before and was not plugged back in securely. and that is just the other end of the cable the other end is as i said (or for the ones that i have encountered) are soldered to the bulb.
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