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I recently purchased a new Dell 4700. I added a PCI-Express ATI All-in-Wonder Card..

Now everytime it boots I get the error:
IO Card Parity Interrupt at 1000:8FEA
Shut off NMI, Reboot or press any key to continue

If I Press any key to continue I get the same error ~10 more times with different memory addresses then eventually boots. If I hit S to Shut off NMI it boots just fine. This happens every time I boot.

The Card doesn't seem to work with the drivers it came with....
It will only work in generic (vga compatable driver)

as soon as I install its drivers from ATI I only get a black screen..?????

Anyone have any idea on how to:
1. Ideally resolve this error?
2. Permanently disable NMI?
3. Resolve this a different way?


It seems like there is a compatibility issue. I wouldnt think the only problem is the drivers. Have you been experiencing anyother problems with your operating system ? Please refer to ati website or customer service.
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