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Deleting Windows 2000 Setup

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Got a user that was having some minor problems whilst using Windows 2000 and read on the Microsoft website that doing an in depth upgrade would resolve the issue. So, she threw the CD in and away she went. Half way through, she decided she didnt want to do it anymore (got scared she said) and cancelled. The problem now is whenever we start the laptop, it comes up with:

"Choose operating System":

1. Windows 2000 Professional
2. Microsoft Windows
3. Windows 2000 Pro Setup

with option 3 being set as default every single time. Is there any way of either making option 1 the default or removing option 3 totally??

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Select the Win2000 to boot to and goto:

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Under the "Startup and Recovery" option select "Settings" > then under "System Startup" click the Edit button on the right hand side. It will launch your notepad.

Once inside your notepad you should see line(s) similar to the one below:
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

1) Find the line that says:

and change the underlined part above to match the OS you want to load by default.
Ie: in the example above you would change the "\somthing" to \WINDOWS to load the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional OS from my example.

2) Remove the line that contains the word "Win200 Setup" or whatever, the whole line not anything else just the single line,then save the file and reboot.
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Start, (insert)_Settings, Control Panel....
Thats fixed the problem, thanks for your help mate :)
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