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Deleted pics now corrupted

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Hello. I recently deleted some pictures off of an SD card and used a couple different programs I found to recover them. I did manage to recover them, but most of the ones that are recovered are no longer recognizeable. Please see below. I really need these pictures but I'm not sure if there are any programs out there to fix these pics. Not even sure how they got that way....Must have been something with the program when I deleted them?



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They were likely overwritten. Either the files themselves, or the FAT. In any case, there isn't a way to "fix" them. The data is corrupted.
that's what i was afraid of. i did have the files on my skydrive but then deleted it. i wonder if microsoft can recover that deleted folder i had?
You can try a data recovery service. It's not cheap.
ya i was hoping i could recover it either free or low-cost. how much is 'not cheap?'

Data recovery services? For hard drives, it's a "per MB" cost, and is typically in the hundreds/thousands of dollars. Should be less for an SD card. Google data recovery and make a few calls. You may get lucky.
it's too bad those free services didn't fix it. that's just weird that some of those pictures that i recovered got corrupted but then some didn't.....
Sounds like the card was used after the files were deleted.
no i deleted the files and shortly after i noticed. never stuck it back in the camera. just weird like i said.
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