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Hi people hope this all makes sense, its my first post here so if I am not following any rules correctly feel free to let me know :wave:

I did try a search but for some reason it looks like the search function isnt working atm.

Right on to the problem, we have a receptionist here who gets added as an attendee to all calendar appointments be it holidays / meetings or time out the office. The receptionist controls all our meeting rooms (resources) so if some one has tried to book a meeting room (done by adding a resource to the attendees list in the scheduling tab) which is already assigned she will change the room for them, this receptionist may also be asked to add other attendees to the meeting. All updates to these appointments usually take affect for anyone in the attendees list, via sending out an updated appointment email.

A couple of days ago the ability to add, edit or remove an attendee / resource stopped. The receptionist can now only view the appointments they have been copied in on. No permissions have been changed either locally or on other users machines, also no changes have been made in active directory that would have affected the receptionist in this way.

When going to an appointment in the calendar the receptionist can view and go onto the scheduling tab, but the "add others" button is greyed out. Im not convinced this is a problem with her local install or local profile as when I log onto any of our terminal servers as this receptionist and try to use the calendar I have the same issues as on the local machine.

On our Terminal servers we run Office 2003 and on her local machine we are running Office 2007 and everything was running fine until last week. I have scoured the net and can only find people who have had the same problem but no answers on how to resolve it....

Whew sorry that was so long winded but hopefully you have enough info there to point some one more informed than I in the right direction :pray:

Many Thanks

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